Music Monday #2 – Song of the Week

Since I haven’t done a “Music Monday” post since May, I decided I would do one for this week. Today’s Music Monday (on Tuesday) post is dedicated to the song of the week. Usually when I find a song that I love, I have it on repeat like nonstop until I get tired of it which usually never happens. Lately it’s been two songs “Nobody Love” by the amazingly talented singer Tori Kelly. I recently just happened to have stumbled upon Tori Kelly’s “Nobody Love” and I absolutely loved it when I first heard it. I checked out more of her songs and decided that I need to buy her album! Now normally my musical taste leans more towards rock music, but I do a have a soft spot for a really good pop song/artist and Tori Kelly is definitely one of those artist. (Also, I’m totally jealous of her hair) I hope she gets the recognition she deserves because she is really talented.

I’ve decided to include the live version of the song “Nobody Love” just because it sounds even more incredible live. I hope you enjoy and if you have a favorite song you’re listening to right now, feel free to leave it in the comments. Thanks for reading!


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