Mickey Waffles Bows Review

A couple of months ago, I entered a Design a Bow contest by Mickey Waffles Bows. If you won, you got the bow you designed for free along with some other goodies. I thought this was such a neat idea so I to enter for fun and wasn’t really expecting to win. Well, I found out that I got honorary 4th place! I was super excited since I normally don’t win anything and there were a lot of great and beautiful bow designs I was competing with!

Along with my bow design I got free shipping on my order with Mickey Waffles Bows. I was excited because I had been eyeing some of her bows for a couple of weeks and to get free shipping on an order is a pretty awesome deal! I purchased the order in April and didn’t receive the bows until about the first week in June. Even though it did take a while, it was well worth the wait. I’m in love with my bows and I seriously want to plan a Disney trip just so I can show them off and wear them to the park! The bows are really beautifully made. Here are the bows that I ordered:

Captain America (winning entry)

Marie (Aristocats) Mini Bow

Peter Pan Mini Bow

Pongo Bow

After getting these bows, I definitely would love to order more! I’ve been eyeing the Mary Poppins, Bert, UP, and Jack Skellington ones. I may have to order them for my birthday in a couple months! If you would like to check out Mickey Waffles Bows on etsy and order some for yourself, click HERE.

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