ORLY Color Amp’d Nail Polish Review

The other day I went shopping at Target and I noticed ORLY’s Color Amp’d collection on display that is apparently exclusive just for Target. After reading the package claiming that the nail polish has “flawless wear for a week” I knew I had to try it out! You can buy one polish for $9.99 or there’s the color and top coat package for $14.99. I decided to go with the color and top coat since I thought that was a better deal. Since I wanted to try something a little different than my normal teal/robin’s egg blue colors, I bought the color The Boulevard.

 The Boulevard is a nice pearlescent white color that goes on nice and dries pretty fast. One thing that I’m a little bummed about with the polish is the packaging. From the bottle that I bought, it looked to me that it was going to be a light beige color. I was a little disappointed to find that it was more of a shimmery white. Another thing that I am bummed with is the fact that by day two, I already have a chip in one of my nails. For a polish that claims to last for a week, that can’t be all that great. I mean, I’ve had polishes that have lasted way longer than day two.

Overall thoughts: Even though the color was off from the packaging and I already have a chip in my nail, I do like this polish. It went on super easy and smooth, and dries really fast which I totally love! I am willing to give this polish another chance just so I can see how it goes once I try it out again. I will have to say though, I can’t see myself buying another polish just because $9.99 for one bottle is too much for me.

What’s your favorite nail polish color/brand? And have your tried the new ORLY Color Amp’d collection? If so, what do you think?

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