Jamberry Nails Review

I have a friend who is a Jamberry Nails consultant and I have been really wanting to buy some of the nail wraps from her latey, but I wasn’t sure how much I would like them. I noticed on her site that I could get a free sample to try them out before buying them so I went ahead and sent in my information to receive them. Jamberry Nails are awesome nail wraps that come in tons of different and adorable designs. I’ve never tried a nail wrap before and I’ve heard some good things about these so I thought these would be the first to try out. They are very easy to apply and take off and last a lot longer than nail polish! When I got my samples in the mail it mentioned the 7 day challenge to see how they hold up/compare to the nail polish. I thought I’d try the 7 day challenge and share with you how it turned out.

Here is what my nails looked like on day one:

The nail polish I used was Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish in Sand Storm. The nail wrap was in the design Upper East Side. First, I just want to say that I’m totally loving this nail color that I recently bought. It’s a nice neutral nude shade and I love how fast the nail polish dries! The nail polish also matched perfectly with the design which I loved!

Now here is what my nails looked like on day 7:


As you can tell, the nail wrap lasted a LOT longer than the nail polish. I would like to try the nail wrap on all of my nails instead of just doing the accent nail and see how that would last as well.

Overall thoughts: I was very pleased with the nail wraps and I plan on buying them in the near future. They have an adorable one called Mermaid Tails that I’ve been eyeing and that I think would be perfect for an Ariel inspired nail design!


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