Favorite Skin Care Products

I am one of those unfortunate people who is cursed with some not so great acne prone skin. I started struggling with acne since middle school. I’m currently 25 and it still hasn’t fully gone away. I tried going to a dermatologist and she said my only option was to go on Accutane and with all the negative side effects, that’s not something I’m willing to do. Plus, that seriously can’t be my only option.

Now my skin isn’t as bad as what it used to be. I’ll get a little one here and there on my face, but I noticed that my skin gets worse when I’m stressed/anxiety-ridden or when the “red devil” comes to visit every month. I’m also unfortunate enough to get it on my back which really sucks because it makes me really uncomfortable to wear tank tops and even a swimsuit. When I started using these products, I noticed my skin getting a lot clearer and looking great but then I stopped using them consistently and my skin got bad again. (I can get lazy with my skin care routine which is horrible, I know) I’m trying to get back in the routine of using these products again because I’m really tired of my skin.

Since I love these products so much I thought I’d share my opinion with you, what they’ve done for me, and hopefully they’ll help you as well. I know everyone’s skin is different and not all products work the same for every person. I’m not saying these products will necessarily work for everyone, but I believe they are great products to check out!

Face Wash/Body Wash

  • Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap

    This product is my favorite out of all them. This is strictly for when I breakout on my arms/back and it works pretty fast for me. I noticed that when I don’t use it my skin starts to break out again so this is something that I definitely have to use everyday. Right now I’m trying to do it twice a day just so I can see if it will help my skin clear up faster.
  • Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleaner
    I alternate between this face wash and the Aveeno one just because the Aveeno one is more of a scrub. I usually use this one in the morning when I get ready. I really like how gentle it is. This is one of my favorite brands to use for acne and I’m really wanting to try some of their other skin care products.
  • Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub
    I use this facial scrub at night when removing my makeup at the end of my day. This scrub is supposed to “leave your skin smooth, bright, and toned.” I have noticed my skin becoming more even toned when I use this facial scrub with the Aveeno moisturizer below. It also scrubs my skin well enough to where I can feel it working, but it’s not harsh on my skin which I like.


  • Aveeno Daily Moisturizer
    This is my favorite moisturizer out of all the moisturizers that I’ve tried. This is supposed to even out your skin tone and even improve skin texture as well. I use this every morning before putting on my makeup and any time I feel my skin needs some moisture. It goes on really smooth and it doesn’t feel greasy at all.  It also has SPF 15, woohoo!
  • Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Correction Moisturizer
    Since I’m a terrible person and tend to pick at my skin (usually when I’m anxious) I have some pretty bad scars as a result. They’re mainly on my arms and back which I would love for them to be removed so I can wear tank tops again. I tried this product out last year and I absolutely loved it! I’m starting it back up again since my skin has gotten worse and I’m already noticing a difference. Honestly, it really does work and it’s something I really recommend. The only problem I really have with it is that I can still feel that I have it one once it dries. I really don’t want to wear my nice clothes with it just because I don’t want it getting on my clothes. I normally like to wear it at night, but I will wear it during the day for double the dose if I’m not really going anywhere/just running errands.

Topical Treatments

  • Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel
    I recently started using this product like at the end of last year and it really seems to work on my skin. It does act fast and I’m totally loving it! I’ve never used Clinique skin care products before this one and now I want every single thing from them! One thing I do have to do with this is to make sure to use moisturizer with it since it will make skin feel a little tight. Other than that, I am really pleased with this product!
  • bareMinerals Blemish Therapy
    I will use this product even when I’m using the Clinique Clearing Gel. What I like about this product is that it’s in powder form and it’s great to wear under makeup! It also acts pretty fast for me as well. I can dab some on a big pimple and I it will decrease quite a bit by the next day. I really like this and it’s a nice alternative to the liquid form that can sometimes dry my skin out.


  • IlluMask Anti-Acne Light Therapy Mask
    This is weirdly the most fun acne fighting product for me. I wish they had an at home one for the breakouts on my shoulders/back. I first heard about this from my mom who saw it in an ad. I later saw the cheesy commercial for it so I thought I’d try it since I wanted something new to try. What it is, is it’s a light therapy mask for acne and there are 30 treatments. You just put on the mask, press the button, and relax for 15 minutes. Once the 30th day is up, you just recycle the mask and buy a new one! I’ve only used it for a month and when I used it I definitely noticed a change in my skin. I noticed that the tiny pimples that sometimes form on the sides of my cheeks disappear and it prevented more from appearing. I did still use my normal face products with this. It’s not something to replace all of your products with, just an added acne fighter. I super loved this product when I used it and I really want to get another one. I really recommend checking this one out as well!

Image credit: Ulta


2 thoughts on “Favorite Skin Care Products

  1. Great list! I have acne prone skin as well and I decided to go on accutane about 18 months ago. I can vouch for how aggressive it is and I would only recommend it as a last resort, so I completely understand you not wanting to go on it! My favorite topical treatment is the Yes to Tomatoes Daily Repair Treatment (:

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