Top 5 Favorite Mary-Kate & Ashley Movies

With all this talk of a Full House reboot and the majority of MK&A’s TV & movie catalog airing on Nickelodeon starting April 27th (so excited), I thought this week’s Top 5 Fave post would be all about my favorite Olsen twin movies. I was and still am a fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They were my idols growing up and I owned just about everything they came out with whether it was their movies, books, dolls, clothes, etc. If they created it, I bought it. I hope one day to own something from either of their collections, The Row and Elizabeth & James. Anyways, on to the movies!

1. It Takes Two
For some reason I remember this being the first Mary-Kate and Ashley movie I saw. I had their other movies on VHS, but this one I vividly remember wanting to see. It’s basically about two girls, Alyssa and Amanda, who look alike and are the complete opposite. They decide to switch places at an attempt to stop Alyssa’s dad from marrying his girlfriend. It’s really a cute story and still a movie I enjoy watching (even though I’m 25)

 2. Billboard Dad
This movie is about two sisters wanting to fix their single father up by making an advertisement on a billboard. Who needs dating websites when you can just create a ginormous billboard with your face and phone number on it? This is another one that I still enjoy watching even though the storyline is a little cheesy. Out of all the movies that came out after Two of Kind, I think this one may be the best.
*Fun fact for PLL fans, a young Troian Bellisario makes an appearance in it. Apparently she was BFFs with them. So jealous.*

 3. Winning London
Winning London is a fun movie about Chloe and Riley competing in the International Model UN competition. And of course, like any Mary-Kate and Ashley movie, there are cute boys involved. I really liked this movie just because I remember it having more to do with school/learning than just doing stupid things and getting into trouble. I could be wrong because I haven’t seen this movie in a long time, but I remember really liking this one. I also really liked their style in this movie.

 4. Passport to Paris
This movie was the girls’ first international movie and for me it ties with Winning London.
Once again the story revolves around two sisters, Melanie and Allyson, who travel to Paris to visit their grandfather who just happens to be the U.S. ambassador to France. When they thought they were going to have a fun time with their grandpa, they find that they get stuck with a not so fun chaperone. They end up finding a way to ditch him when they meet, you guessed it, boys. They get into a little trouble along the way, but like all MK&A movies it gets better in the end.
*Fun fact: Gregory Peck’s grandson, Ethan Peck is in this movie.*

5. Holiday in the Sun
This movie was where I fell in love with Weezer and it also made me want to go to Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas (still want to). It’s about two sisters named Madison and Alex and their family trip to the Bahamas. They end up getting into trouble by running into a man smuggling stolen artifacts. Obviously things turn out fine in the end and Ashley gets the cute guy. (seriously, I had such a crush on Ben Easter in this movie and when he was on So Little Time. Ugly weird choker/necklace and all. No shame.)

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