Three Days Grace Concert Mini Review

If anyone knows me, they know that I love music and I love going to concerts even more. It’s probably my favorite place to go to right underneath Disneyland. So the other night Three Days Grace came to my hometown and I was super excited to go. The last time I saw them in concert it was with the original singer Adam Gontier. This was my first time seeing them with the new guy, Matt Walst, and I was a little hesitant about how good they were going to be.

The new singer did a better job than what I thought he would and I really enjoyed the show! His voice isn’t as deep/raspy as the original guy, but he was still good nonetheless. They performed a lot of their old stuff, which I also was very happy about. I’m definitely going to have to go and check out their new album.

Here are a couple of photos and a short video I took of the show.

Side note: It’s funny that the sound on the videos from my phone is WAY better than the sound on the videos from my camera…


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