DIY Disney Origami Owl Inspired Charm Necklace

This month is my mom’s birthday, and I always struggle on what to get her. I usually get her things that are Disney related like an ornament or a charm for her Individuality Bracelet. This year I wanted to get her something that matches her Minnie Mouse boots and purse that we got her for Christmas. So I thought I’d create an Origami Owl inspire charm necklace. Since making the first one, I have been obsessed and have been making charms to go into these lockets nonstop! I decided that since I loved making these so much, that I would share my DIY with you as well!

The majority of my supplies I purchased at my local Joann Stores or Wal-Mart. The lockets are double the price online for some reason so if you don’t want to spend about $10, I recommend buying them in stores since mine were about $5.



Step 1: First find the images that you want to make the main charms out of. You will be printing these images on the Shrinky Dink paper. I’ve been wanting to do an UP themed necklace so I found an image of the house I Iiked and I also wanted to use an image of the grape soda pin.

These are the images I decided to use. (I figured the stones could be the balloons that are on the house so that’s why I chose an image of just the house.)

7511002529694 up

Step 2: Determine the size that you need for the image. This is still kind of my first time using Shrinky Dinks so I just play around with them until I find the size I like. Next you will have to change the opacity to of the picture to about 50%. If you print the image at full opacity becomes too saturated when it shrinks and you won’t be able to really tell what it is. Also, if you have words in your image, make sure to flip it.


After the images are set and ready to be printed, I always like to do a test print on printer paper first. Once I do that, I will tape my Shrinky Dink paper on top of that and print it making sure that the image is printing on the rough side of the Shrinky Dink paper.


Step 3: Once the images are printed on the Shrinky Dink paper, cut them out using scissors or an X-Acto Knife. I try to cut as close to the image as I possibly can.


While I am cutting, I preheat the oven to the recommended temperature on my Shrinky Dink instructions. (about 350 degrees) Once the images are cut and the oven is ready, put the images on a mini cookie sheet covered in foil and put them in the oven. After about 3 minutes, take out the “charms” and let them cool. I like to set something flat on top to make sure that the charms flatten out.

IMG_0917  IMG_0918

       Before Oven                                                             After Oven

Step 4: While the charms are cooling,  take the chain and measure it down to any length you like. I found one of my necklaces that I liked the length of and just copied that. After you have the chain cut, slide on the locket then carefully attach the jumper rings to each end of the necklace along with a lobster claw on one side. (those items came with my chain)


Step 5: After you have created the necklace, place the charms shinier side up in the locket along with the selected stones that you want to put in with your charms.


Step 6: Wear your new necklace!

Honestly, I don’t think I like it with the house and the stones as the balloons. I may just redo it and print off the house with the balloons.

Here are some other charms/necklaces that I made. The Minnie/Mickey one is the one I made for my mom.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 2.30.14 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-06 at 2.30.32 PM


4 thoughts on “DIY Disney Origami Owl Inspired Charm Necklace

    1. The image was about 1in by 1in. before shrinking it in the oven. Some of them I even do .5in depending on the image and how many I want to put in the locket. Hope that helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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